What is Spirulina?

What is Spirulina?What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a blue-green seaweed or algae. It is one of many blue-green algae found naturally in the ocean. It is high in nutrients, particularly in protein and fatty acids, which make it useful for a variety of health conditions. Generally, it is harvested and then freeze-dried to protect the nutrients before being used to create any supplements. It contains no cholesterol, and is low in starch.

Forms of Spirulina

Spirulina comes in several different forms, which makes it easy to get into your diet on a regular basis. These forms include:

  • Pills (Capsules and Tablets): These are used to supplement the diet when you do not get spirulina from food sources, and have no desire to mix it into food with the powder or the liquid.
  • Powders: The freeze dried spirulina is ground into a powder and then compacted into pill form, or is sold as a loose powder for protein shakes and use in recipes.
  • Liquid: Spirulina is also available in liquid forms, for those who want to mix it into their drinks without having to worry about the consistency resulting from mixing it with the powder.

Many health food products are also including spirulina in their formulas for the nutrition it offers. The nutritional value does not change based on the form you use, but some forms may be more bio-available (your body will get more nutrition) than others.

Spirulina Uses

Spirulina is commonly used as an vegetarian source of complete protein and fatty acids, normally found in meat products. As it is also high in iron, those suffering from anemia, or iron deficiency often use it to ensure they’re getting enough. The iron found in spirulina is more easily absorbed by the body than other forms found in supplements.

Read through this website to learn more about the various benefits of spirulina, to help you determine if you will benefit from using it in your diet.